Prison Mirror

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The Prison Mirror was founded in 1887 and is believed to be the oldest continuously published prison newspaper in the United States. Focuses on life in Stillwater Correctional Facility, covering sports such as broom hockey, basketball and dodge-ball, educational pursuits and achievements of the prisoners, notable visitors and available support programs, and other matters. A regular column called "Ask the Warden" presents questions and requests to the warden. Comings and goings of staff members are often noted. Most issues feature poetry and art work produced by the prisoners.

Table of Contents

Building Blocks -- Reflections on the Exiled -- Flash News -- Pre-Workout Elixers -- Level Up -- PEN America Working on Updated Handbook for Incarcerated Writers -- Altruism Alive in Prison: Clinton Omuya on Volunteering as a Mentor and Tutor -- Brave New World -- Back in the Day -- Small Talk -- A Cahe of Cachet Words -- Busting Free -- Submissin to the Editor -- Puzzles and Games -- Stillwater Artist Gallery


22 x 28 centimeters