PWF: Pro-Wrestling Feelings


Pro Wrestling Feelings is the zine where people who don't fit the typical image of professional wrestling fans voice their love. Women, queers, outsiders, and academics all get heard in PWF and it's always a fascinating ride, regardless of your interest in wrestling. This issue covers a wide range: the challenges facing female pro-wrestlers, All Japan Pro Wrestling, wrestling and fathers, meeting Japanese professional wrestler Jushin Liger on a beach in Los Angeles, and much more.



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An open letter to Sasha Banks, Charlotte Flair, and Becky Lynch / Taylor Marie Brewer --  "Dude, is your dad Hulk Hogan?" / Matt Wes -- Untitled / ed blair -- Georgia Championship Wrestling: The last battle of Atlanta, October 23, 1983 / Robert Newsome -- KO-BA-SHI / Corwin Scott Gibson -- Crush Gals!: Part one of an interview with Jess Krenek about wrestling with academia and female pro-wrestling fandom


14 x 11 centimeters