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Saturday night live -- Romance / missing persons: we met by the nachos -- Fulci's bakery -- Ligament sandwich -- Letter to Betty J. - Hampton Inn room 306 -- How man came to know that the Merilles fish was poisoinous and inedible -- Animals I might have sex with, if I were trapped on an island without hope of rescue, in order from least-likely to most -- Little Redfern's trip to the supermarket -- Sewn up -- The hours before morning -- Boondock 7-11 -- Dragged on -- Elements of destruction -- Acceptable reasons that Aaron Grill might provide for blowing me off last night -- Plan X -- Specs -- The cure for nudity -- The price of gas -- Cattle drive -- After the zombies came: Day 31 -- Prehensile -- Review: vendange California shiraz (2003) -- Long story short -- The shape of things -- Documentary history -- Romance/ missing persons


21.5 x 14 centimeters


Hand Bound with embroidery thread