Navigating the space between brilliance and madness

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Making maps to the other side part I -- Anatomy of flight -- Making maps with the artifacts of our fleeting memories or on being a time traveler -- The bipolar world -- Crazy -- Making sense of being called crazy in a crazy world -- Too close to the sun -- Anarchic coordinates of bipolar worlds part II -- Creating a new monotony to break free of / blue jay way / contradicting myself etc. -- Holding lightly, forgiving madness -- Hitchhiking the road to recovery part III -- What can we do for our friends in times of crisis? -- Taking control o four mental health part I: navigating the system if you need to -- Taking control of our mental health part II: committing to taking care of ourselves -- What helps in the bad times? Sweet advice from folks who've been there -- "Loose associations" and forecasting dreams: keeping track of your warning signs -- The lithium debates -- Drawing new lines on the map part IV -- Alternative dimensions or psychotic delusions? -- If you could write the language that we use to discuss 'mental illness' what words would you use? -- My thoughts and feelings are not diseases -- Sweet potatoes and little ladders in the sky: thanks and explanations -- Postscript and reintroduction to the 5th printing -- What's happening with the Icarus Project -- Break down the walls: form local mutual aid groups


28 x 21 centimeters