Profane existence

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A mix of politics and punk, largely focusing on the resistance and the punk scene.

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From the cradle to the grave -- The kids will have their say : solidarity with South America -- Mpls. Cops brutalize Zapatista supporters -- Aryan nations confronted in Idaho while pacifist whiners turn their backs to reality -- Just a few days in spring -- German action report -- Gold medal awarded for Nazi beatings in St. Paul -- Highdays for the gent squat-movement -- Squatters' resistance continues in Italy -- Milan squatter receives heavy sentence -- Mexican A-team keeps torch alight -- Last minute news : critical mass -- Critical resistance -- Active resistance : a radical gathering -- Insur-recreation center -- Letters -- Polish autonomist scene squat "rozbart" -- Montreal scene report -- Anti-Product -- Abuso Sonoro -- A//Political -- Scene report : Zaragoza, Spain -- Tijuana scene report -- Junto local ninety-one -- We did it!... but we still need your help! -- Zine reviews -- Noise reviews.


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