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A political zine based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which focuses on holding police accountable and resisting unjust government actions.

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Exciting new police program for youth: do nothing and get busted for it! -- Mark Fuhrman patrols your streets! -- Koon, Powell released from prison: L.A. residents plan welcome home party -- Cops rape -- "Pigs are so stupid" dept.: who's sweating now asshole? -- Where's Lorena Bobbit when you need her? -- Welcome to the West Bank -- Steee-rike! Your future and class war -- Greedy, tacky, and unfair! We wouldn't buy her underwear! -- Where the hell's the rest of the paper? -- Welfare rights showdown with the law: cut back? fight back! -- Mexican residents put a hole-in-one in ruling class golfers' plans -- Clinton reveals: he's Satan -- Operations: look some icky: House votes to ban "really gross" medical procedure -- Tahitians discover outcome, limits to nonviolence -- Jury pool dies of old age! -- Neo-Nazi skinheads? Scared little weasels! -- Threats to lawmakers' lives rise sharply -- South Korean students thrash police: American students should be taking notice -- Fascists in the fjord! Danish residents make Nazi soup--and it tastes awful -- Students defend affirmative action -- Interesting facts you need to know -- Bracing for the OJ riots -- It's not just about sisterhood anymore: international organizing at the Beijing women's conference -- Blast!'s own psychic predictions for '96: life insurance rates for prison guards rise -- Death penalty in your future?


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