Blast: cops, a special issue

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This issue focuses on police conduct and other social issues, in addition to its mainstay of resistance against systemic oppression.

Table of Contents

Why The Blast? -- What do you think of the police?: interviews with people on the West Bank, University of Minnesota campus, and the Mall of Amerikkka -- Bound for hell: Nazi show shut down in St. Paul -- Dyke "artificially colors hair blond" -- Cops abuse power in Powderhorn Park: a boy and his dog -- Cops can trick little kids -- Cops riot: Jamal supporters arrested -- Local shorts -- "Free" speech = police riot -- Coy cook caps cops' grub!--charges dismissed -- What terror tactics say about your future -- Whiteness bites off the govt's face... -- The chickens have come home to roost (in Oklahoma) -- NY squats smashed!: tank, machinegun [sic] & felonies -- School kids write to cruel yuppie, so she sues them! -- Donuts for the masses -- Letters -- Two strategies for radical change -- Cops: a special issue -- Policing the beat -- We watch the cops -- Hate the police: the role the police play in the USA -- Life after cops -- Wife battery and the boys in blue -- Pro-choice, not pro-5-0 -- Keep on keepin' on: a history of Minneapolis anarchism: part 2 -- "For everyone, everything, for us, nothing": a history of resistance in Mexico -- Devils with bombs killin' babies: ten years since the MOVE bombing -- Proposal for an anti-genocide campaign: "old kontradictions manifesting in new forms" -- "They have their orders": the Judas Factor: the Plot to Kill Malcolm X -- If they take Mumia in the night, it will be genocide in the morning. Stop the execution of Mumia Abu-Jamal!


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