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This issue focuses on the prison and incarceration system, in addition to its mainstay of resistance against systemic oppression.

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Why The Blast? -- Oak Park fights: MN 8 committee grapples with future -- Minneapolis dyke march does it again! -- "Bad" cop busted? -- Emma Center: alive & kicking -- Soo Line workers on strike -- Jessica! Jessica! Stitch by stitch! Sweat shop labor made you rich! -- INS declares open season on Mexicans -- Jaywalking youths cause police riot while jaywalking yuppies rest in their lovely home -- German cops slay Kurdish youth, 16
anti-FA raided -- Liberals place faith in gov't as "anti's" pick up the gun -- Pride rides: lesbian avengers take their visibility on the road -- Protests in at least 8 cities: border sealed and Kurds barred from attending rally -- Germany -- Jewish feminist anti-fascist league fights in Toronto -- Fidel calls Havana rioters "provocateurs" -- Wits and solidarity beat repression at a Manila meeting on East Timor -- Anti's praise the Lord and pass the armor-piercing ammo while liberals phone 911 -- Letters -- D.A.R.E. to keep the police out of your school -- Cops, kids and coercion -- Truth or D.A.R.E. -- Why D.A.R.E. sucks: a survivor's tale -- Radical Stonewall: not all queers party on battleship -- Welcome to amerikkka's [sic] kkkontrol [sic] units -- Prisons and Black genocide -- Gardens of the law: the role of prisons in capitalist society -- Tear down the torture chambers: a strategy to fight the spread of control units -- Zapatista democracy: a discussion with Efrain Valdez of Chiapas -- GATT and the World Trade Organization -- Anti-fascist defense committee -- Minneapolis Teamsters: a history of fighting fascism -- The role of the AFDC -- Anarchist Black Cross -- Control Units -- Who's the real terrorist?: the federal control unit prisons at Marion and Florence -- Flesh is weak -- Gay history of cultural imperialism -- Rev views.


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