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This issue focuses on the workers in the labor movement, in addition to its mainstay of resistance against systemic oppression.

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Why The Blast? -- On the street interviews -- "It's not a fair view from here: university hospital merger diagnosed anti-worker -- Candy Rough Surface, never forgotten -- Bike it baby!: Critical Mass takes back our streets -- Welfare rights struggle continues -- Women's Justice Brigade -- INS raid -- The meaning of "blood" -- Strike!: old and young tear it up for a better France--today and tomorrow -- What was habeus [sic] corpus--and why was it squashed like a bug? -- In brief -- Ann Arbor: cop defeat -- Montreal: cop victory -- Wondrous queer victory -- Everybody out of the pool! (at gunpoint) -- Build the anti-genocide campaign: one guard dead--5 men sentenced to die -- Letters -- Prisons: what we think -- We didn't make this border: how I came to the United States -- Anti-racist victory: we beat 'em in the streets and in the courts! -- Fighting hate without the state -- Affirmative action everywhere -- From gangsta to revolutionary a re-affirmed commitment -- Make way for a Panther Paris -- Bloody Sunday 1972 -- Viva SUTAUR!: Mexican bus workers fight back -- The seduction of neo-kolonialism [sic] -- Hate the police -- Anarchist Black Cross -- Reviews -- Revolutionary horoscopes.


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