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This issue focuses on resisting the right-wing clampdown, in addition to its mainstay of resistance against systemic oppression.

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Why The Blast? -- Welcome -- Make Minnesota mean: demonstrators drop by Oak Park Heights for a chat -- Three's a crowd, but 50's a threat to the president's self-esteem! -- South High walks out -- Out of the synagogue and into the streets: JAM condemns the INS on Yom Kippur -- Nuclear shit piling up -- Felony charges for self-defense: anti-racist activist awaits trial -- Street freak found not guilty -- Letters -- Corrections -- The crime bill and social control -- The criminal justice and public order bill: implications and realities -- Children of the poor: rendered deceased -- Crime and taxes: the descent into whiteness -- Contract out on America -- Sex, lies, and depo provera: the international politics of population control -- Free Mark Cook: Jackson Brigade member & ex-Panther still held -- Ana Lucia Gelabert may starve to death at the hands of the texas [sic] DOC -- Abusers whacked (they blowed up reeel good.): women who defended selves get clemency (from abusive governors) -- Conference gives direction to continental Anarchist Black Cross -- Shots -- Little plantation on the prairie: prison-for-profit "saves" white town, beats up Puerto Ricans -- Guy Harvey Baker everywhere: two communities, two dead cops, and two life sentences -- Stillwater prisoner murdered: family sues the state -- Nigi -- The Conscious Black Rap & Poet Society -- Clinton gives Soo Line workers the shaft -- Revolutionary views -- More reviews.


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