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This issue focuses on the politics of sex work, with emphasis on the influence of race and class, in addition to its mainstay of resistance against systemic oppression.

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Why The Blast? -- Two ways to fight a racist: local groups struggle against the state, for justice -- Wage war on poverty not the poor! -- Class war: just a pipe dream? -- Anti-racist activists chow down at Mike Freeman fundraiser -- Fight for queer rights: it's quick, it's easy, it's against the law! -- Prairie Island, Prairie Island: did somebody say progressive? -- Stillwater prison murders update -- Chilean prison gunfight can't stop control-unit transfer
bomb cops and pols vow fight to the death -- Democracy at work in liberated Chiapas -- Solidarity actions span Mexico: strong defense of communal land -- Brandon Teena--a young gender offender is murdered in Nebraska -- Women under siege in Mississippi: camp sister spirit survives -- Damn genocide: Quebec utility robs Native land -- Blunt this attack on Natives and get high on solidarity instead -- Hotsy-totsy ho ho off to New York on a lesbian avenger caravan -- Letters -- I am a stripper -- Exotic Dancer's Alliance -- Whore -- HF2519 is anti-prostitute -- Black women in the sex industry -- Excerpts from: an unbroken history of Japan's sex slaves -- Racism vs. kkkolonialism -- Treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity: an interview with Noel Ignatiev of Race Traitor: Journal of the New Abolitionism -- Pig-assisted homicide -- JAM and NOI -- ABC -- Transplant denied -- Resources -- Stop prisoner rape -- Punished for overcrowding -- Ana Lucia on hungerstrike -- Armed and dangerous -- Homeless campsites -- Suspect left -- Stonewall was a riot!: radical queers commemorate the real legacy of Stonewall -- Rev views.


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