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News and essays on protests and politics concerning resisting the government.

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Barricada collective statement -- Table of contents -- No business as usual for Trans-Atlantic Business Dialog (TABD) -- Street battles in Milan: cops and Nazis hand in hand -- Palestine solidarity demonstrations in Oslo -- The armed struggle against the state continues in Greece -- Thessaloniki anarchists pay Mexican ambassador a visit -- Thousands take to the streets against the SOA: it's time to move from protest to resistance -- Yugoslavia: after Milosevic... what next? -- Beyond the global days of action against capitalism -- Cuban embargo? What Cuban embargo?: Orwellian policy making in the U.S.A. -- Solidarity with Thomas Meyer-Falk -- Anti-fascists arrested in Paris -- Fight to break the isolation: support class war prisoners -- Theater for the revolution: Marx in SoHo -- The Adjusters... music for the revolution -- A call for a united revolutionary presence at the presidential inauguration.


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