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A collection of articles on the political and social implications of HIV/AIDS.

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Introduction -- Synthetic biological agents -- AIDS CBW time-line -- Dupont, Maryland firm develop viruses as pesticides -- U.S. storing vaccines for military -- AIDS linked to smallpox vaccine -- Smallpox samples will remain in labs -- Soviet allegations resurface that U.S. military created AIDS -- Report says Pentagon researching "ethnic" biowarfare -- Research refutes idea that human AIDS virus originated in monkeys -- Researchers say they were wrong about 1959 AIDS case -- Jeremy Rifkin -- A higher form of killing -- Dr. Robert Strecker -- AIDS is man-made -- Drs. Jakob and Lili Segal -- A new holocaust -- Queer: the secret AIDS genocide plot -- Group forms to investigate "emergency times" -- Chemical-biological warfare, medical experiments, and population control -- Media coverages of AIDS-CBW charges -- The assassination of Patrice Lumumba: Zaire -- Inside the company: CIA diary -- Colby describes CIA poison work -- Emergency tiems network press release -- AIDS: did science create a genetic genocide machine? -- Lying in the 90s with doctors Frankenstein -- AIDS virus is man-made
genetically engineered -- The trouble with Peter Duesberg -- Emerging viruses: AIDS & ebola, nature, accident, or genocide -- Letters -- AIDS references -- Additional information


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